Best Practices

Best Practices

A focus group of LISA member LEPs developed standards of best practices and performance reporting for longevity market participants.  LEPR_logo

The task force included AUS, AVS, EMSI, ISC, Fasano and 21st Services. The goal was to develop best practices that would increase transparency among LE providers and help restore investor confidence in the industry.

The final document, published in 2011, represents the most important inputs for valuing a life insurance policy being considered for sale in the secondary life settlement market.

Life expectancy underwriters understand the importance of providing accurate and consistent information to clients who rely on the underwriting results, therefore, LE underwriting best practices are based on the principles of full disclosure, completeness, and transparency of underwriting and performance results, while respecting the integrity of the LEP’s proprietary methodologies and practices.

Elevation applies those same best practices today.