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LISA - Life Insurance Settlement AssociationFrom the Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA)

Life Insurance Settlement Association (LISA) website

YouTube Video: Life settlement awareness

Policy Settlement Logo From PolicySettlement.com:

Life Expectancy Report – What Role Does It Play in a Life Settlement?

Life Expectancy – Your Report May Create a High Value for your Life Insurance Policy

Life Expectancy – What Does Your Life Expectancy Report Show?

Life Expectancy – What Does This Have to Do with my Policy Value?

Life Expectancy – Does This Come from my Doctor?

Life Expectancy – Problems from Medical Record Errors

U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission  U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission:

2010 Life Settlements Task Force Report

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Life Expectancy Calculations Using Life Underwriting and Life Settlement Methods in the Legal Setting (from ForensisGroup.com)

Evolution of Life Expectancies in the Life Insurance Secondary Market: Current Trends and New Development (from InsuranceStudies.org) 

 An Efficient Statistical Estimator for Validating Life Expectancy Reports in the Life Settlement Market (from the Society of Actuaries) (PDF)