Elevation: A New Paradigm

A New Paradigm

Elevation Underwriting, LLC. is founded on the premise that by combining superior talent and expertise with engaging and enthusiastic customer partnerships, a new paradigm can be established in the Life Settlement industry. Since the inception of the viatical/life settlement business, life expectancy providers (LEPs) have been independent third-party evaluators of risk with little to no accountability for the impacts of their estimations. At best, relationships forged at the broker and provider levels were maintained at a superficial level; any concerns or questions regarding accuracy of evaluation practices and outcome were lacking transparency to the front line consumers (brokers and providers) as well as the investors.

Our business model for the viatical/life settlement world offers services that:

icon_sm Promote transparency in risk assessment
icon_sm Encourage academic discussions regarding the underwriting process and individual case reviews, to ensure that the clients fully understand the risk drivers
icon_sm Develop solid partnerships in which our expertise provides a greater level of insight and guidance, thus enabling investors to make more reliable and well-informed decisions

Elevation is founded on these high ideals, with years of experience and insight in the life settlement and life expectancy world. Elevation focuses on providing high quality life expectancy estimates to a select group of clientele that won’t settle for the “norm”, and seeks more than “status quo” or cookie-cutter methodology and practices.  Elevation’s clients are looking to establish a partnership with an LEP that has extensive senior risk underwriting expertise, a history of commitment to quality, and reliable customer-centric focus that enhances client confidence in the risk assessment process and provide greater opportunities and returns in the policies they select. We focus on managed growth; only taking on clients who can be fully supported, and we choose to do business with clients that share a similar value structure and commitment to outstanding results and assisting the investors in achieving their funding goals.