Our Commitment to Our Clients

We at Elevation take pride in our complete commitment to the Guiding Principles for Underwriters and apply them to all our business practices.

Professional Underwriters are expected to be highly principled individuals possessing an inherent sensibility of right from wrong.  Commitment to the guiding principles of the profession provides clients confidence that the underwriting process is conducted professionally according to principles that extend beyond any personal or company self-interest.

It is the Responsibility of Underwriters to:

  • Act promptly, while exercising sound, objective and consistent judgment in making underwriting decisions.
  • Follow established risk classification principles that differentiate fairly on the basis of sound actuarial principles and/or reasonable anticipated mortality or morbidity experience.
  • Treat all underwriting information with complete confidentiality, and use it for the sole purpose of evaluating and classifying the risk.
  • Comply with insurance legislation and regulations, particularly as they apply to risk classification, privacy and disclosure.
  • Act independently and fairly.
  • Provide support to distribution partners, to assist them in carrying out their fiduciary responsibilities to the insurance company and their clients.
  • Endeavor to attain professional underwriting and insurance designations and maintain a level of professional competency through continued education.
  • Promote the further education of underwriters.
  • Maintain the dignity and sound reputation of the Underwriting Profession.